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Custom Orthotic Manufacturing bisection of rearfoot


Paris Orthotics has been in the orthotic making business for over 30 years. Our knowledge and expertise originates from evidence based prescribing principles, positive patient outcomes and refined manufacturing techniques and skills. Our past has certainly shaped who we are today.



 Pierre Paris and Sons, a shoe and boot mkaing business
Stephen and Paul Paris, quality custom orthotics fabrication in Vancouver, BC

Our Roots are in Boots

Paris Orthotics evolved from Pierre Paris & Sons, a boot and shoe making business, to a one man shop at 4th & Fir in Vancouver, to making premium quality custom foot orthotics for the global community.



Paris Orthotics manufactures quality custom products for foot health care professionals across the globe and has grown into one of Canada’s largest and most respected manufacturers of premium custom made prescription orthoses. Paris Orthotics is dedicated to providing customers with the best product and service possible.

Paul and Stephen Paris, the owners of Paris Orthotics Ltd., are third generation foot experts who inherited a passionate commitment to making and providing professionally designed, expertly crafted and efficiently delivered solutions for problem feet.

It all started with Pierre Paris & Sons Ltd., a shoe and boot manufacturing company founded in 1907 by Pierre Paris which became one of western Canada’s pre-eminent footwear manufacturers.  In addition to running his growing enterprise, Pierre studied podiatry and his two sons, George and Roger, followed. George and Roger joined their father’s podiatry practice and each took their turn at the helm of the family business that by this time included the industrial footwear manufacturing division, a large family shoe store, an orthopaedic shoemaking division and a busy podiatry practice.

Roger’s son Stephen, who had worked his way up through the manufacturing and retail side of the business, assumed control in the late 70’s along with his sister Renee. In the mid 80's, Stephen founded Paris Orthotics Ltd. as a one-man orthopaedic shoe and foot orthotic shop in Vancouver. A few years after opening, Stephen’s brother, Paul, and sister, Renee, joined him and together they have grown Paris Orthotics Ltd. into what it is today.

The talented and devoted people who make up Paris Orthotics share the family’s commitment of taking great pride in providing exceptionally crafted and effective solutions. They work hard every day living these exact core values.


Paris Orthotics Lab Staff, handcrafted quality products by skilled techncians that care


We believe what we do makes a difference in  the quality of a person’s life and we take our responsibility seriously. 


We are curious about the why and the why not and are always looking for opportunities to improve and to learn.


We genuinely care about providing the best options and we take pride in the support we offer to our customers.

Interest in premium custom made orthotic solutions grew within the foot health community. As a result, Paris Orthotics expanded nationally across Canada and internationally into the UK, Ireland and beyond.


Paris Provider Map of the world, Canada, UK, Gibralter, Isreal, Australia and Hong Kong


At Paris Orthotics, we hold our manufacturing methods, materials, technical support, customer service and all aspects of what we do to the highest levels of technical and efficacy standards.


Our approach is a blend of Root theory biomechanics, present-day paradigms, technical experience and the desire to get it right.  Since Pierre Paris’ original inception of his company in 1907, Paris Orthotics has continued the family’s commitment to providing premium products to our customers that appreciate the difference quality makes. 


Manufacturing quality products by using accurate technology, experienced handcraftedness and skilled techncians
Manufacturing custm made orthotics for a variety of pathologies, activites and footwear

Our manufacturing processes include a combination of traditional hand craftsmanship and state of the art 3D scanning and CAD/CAM technology.

From our 20,000 sq. ft. lab in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, we manufacture a wide range of daily use sport and pathology specific devices. 


We follow LEAN manufacturing principles that guide our  innovation and continuous improvement, which helps  us maintain our leadership role in our field.

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