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Customer Service

What is your turnaround time?

We guarantee a 5-7 day turnaround time on all custom made orders. Please contact Customer Service for details.

What is the cost of shipping?

We offer a paid inbound shipping program for qualifying Canadian accounts and we pay for the outbound shipping on all Canadian custom orders. Please contact Customer Service for details.

Where do I get more order forms?

Order forms, boxes and other supplies can be ordered by completing and emailing or faxing the Supply Order form to Customer Service.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer subsequent pair, children’s outgrowth, late and competitive volume discounts to qualifying accounts. Please contact Customer Service for details.

Children’s feet grow so fast. Do you offer an outgrowth program?

Yes, in order to make children’s and adolescents’ growth related replacement orthoses more affordable we offer a Children’s Outgrowth Program. Please contact Customer Service for details.

Need more information on The Richie Brace?

See The Richie Brace webiste for more information on casting and more.

Technical Support

Do you offer Technical Support?

Yes, our Technical Support team is made up of highly qualified clinicians with extensive manufacturing and clinical experience. This is a service offered to active custom orthotic customers. They are available to assist you with technical questions Monday to Friday 8am-4pm PST.

Are your orthotics custom made?

Yes, unlike many “custom” orthotic labs we make a true custom made device from a 3D volumetric cast or scan of your patient’s foot and to the specifications you indicated on your prescription. We do not use a library system of digital shape files, pre-corrected molds, or pre-fabricated shells.

What is your adjustment policy?

Minor adjustments to your original prescription for fit, function or comfort will be made at no charge within 6 months from date of shipping. Charges will apply for the addition of any new components or major changes to your original prescription.

Do you offer a 3D Foot Scanner?

Yes, the Envisic VeriScan Podiatric Foot Scanner is available for purchase. Please contact Customer Service for details.